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How do we help you with export to Russia and CU? 

We are Russia-based certification agency working with international companies in accordance with international legislation. 

When exporting products to Russia, you need to comply with a wide range of complex certification systems and national standards. Depending on the type of the goods you are planning to ship to Russia or to another Customs Union (CU) country, you may need to obtain one or more approvals.

With our accredited certification body status, presence in the recent Customs Union common list and Rostekhnadzor license, we are uniquely placed to provide the resources and expertise to help you obtain the approvals you need to access Russian and other CU countries markets.

is to provide:
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Why  WorldWideGost? 

We guide you through the complexity of certification process in Russia, ensuring that you obtain the relevant certificates and permits you need to import goods and implement industrial projects in Russia.

As a Russia-based company, we offer you unrivaled experience in Russian standards. Our main advantage is our people, our experience, our skills, our knowledge of languages and the ability to search and find solutions to unusual situations in the international context. As a result we can help you overcome barriers for a fast, reliable and optimized approach to implementing your project.

  • WWG has been GOST accredited agency since 2010

    Our accredited experts have earned high level of trust and possess great expertise fulfilling numerous project in different areas

  • Location – Moscow

    Since most laboratories are located in the Moscow region we have a unique opportunity to reach our partners within several working days

  • Russian company with western vision

    Thanks to our proactive specialists and great team spirit we have deep knowledge of the Russian specifics which we transform into high quality service with western approach.

  • Promt response and compliance with timeframes

    The initial response to request of our clients with approximate estimates takes 1-3 working days and we guarantee full attendance to the dates agreed.

  • Customer-tailored certification solutions for complex industrial projects

    We are constantly in touch with your specialists once it is approved and we offer only those documents which are required bearing in mind your future projects. As soon as the task is set we start working out the solution.

  • Customized solution in terms of the whole certification process within your company

    Taking into account the specifics and approaches of your company we are ready to offer you full support regarding the issues of you product quality compliance within the territory of Russia and CU and we fine-tune your existing certification process

  • Quality – minimum sufficient set of documents and effort on your part

    We look into your current project and all the documents and licenses already obtained (if there are any) and we work out the minimum sufficient set required. The only thing we need is technical information and all the rest is upon our company. We draw up documents in the form approved by RosStandart, we provide translation services, we arrange site audit and all other tasks which might arise.

Over 1000 certificates in Europe and North America
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