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Construction industry implies strict compliance with safety and quality requirements meaning that no harm to a human life and property can be done. And it is supposed to ensure that construction materials are of superior quality and eco-friendly.

Thus  certification in this field is to focus on the following aspects:

  1. Construction materials

  2. Machinery, equipment and tools used for construction

  3. Quality managements systems developed on construction site

Each of these categories requires different types of approvals, for example:

  • TR CU certificates and Declarations of conformity  – according to TR CU "On safety of machinery and equipment" (ТR СU 010/2011), TR CU "On safety of personal protective equipment" (ТR СU 019/2011), State Registry certificate (e.g. for paint and varnishes)

  • Fire Safety certificates 

Please note that if construction in question is related to railway or public transport infrastructures, then specific documents shall be required – for example, certificate of conformity with TR CU "On safety of railway rolling stock (ТR СU 001/2011), TR CU "On safety of railway transport infrastructure" (ТR СU 003/2011) or TR CU "On safety of motor road" (ТR СU 014/2011)

As well as plants where construction materials are produced will require an ISO certificate to confirm that quality management system is in compliance with international standards including the Russian one

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