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Hygienic certification

State registration certificate (SGR, also frequently referred to as a Hygienic Certificate) is a document used in the certification system of the Customs Union which confirms compliance of the goods with  the CU sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Decision of the Customs Union Commission №299 dated on 28.05.2010 “On application of sanitary requirements in the Customs Union” states the detailed list of the goods subject to state registration (Appendix 1). It is not always possible to include whole product range in one document: depending on composition and field of application of the product it may be required to obtain 2 or more certificates of state registration.

For example, products for infants and adults cannot be covered in one document, as well as for example water-based paint cannot be covered by certificate of solvent-based paints. 

Therefore the certification bodies developed two approaches:

  1. to obtain one document comprising as many items as possible (the cost of such document is higher)

  2. to obtain several certificates for each group of products (the cost of each document is cheaper).  

Usually it takes from 4 to 6 weeks to obtain this type of approval documents.

If your Russian customers still ask for Hygienic Compliance document,  we can provide you with Expert conclusion, so called Voluntary sanitary registration. It takes 3 weeks to issue such a document.

As for sole chemical compounds (e.g. acids) they require mandatory Expert conclusion from Potentially Hazardous Chemical and Biological substances register of the Russian Federation. Only on the basis of such Expert conclusion a Certificate of State Registration may be issued.

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